Starz Channel on Roku, Another Great Option to Netflix

We're going to show you another channel, that is a very interesting alternative to the traditional streaming services, like Netflix, and Amazon Prime, as well as who, this is because as you know, I was previously a Netflix subscriber, but because of their really annoying anti DNS, and DPN policy pretty much, their library, the content library seemed to reduce a lot.

Because now I am obliged to watch what is available in my region, which is Latin America, and I was disappointed, since the content is not as great as I thought, it would be plus, they increased the price from I think was 899 to 999, so there was no point and keeping it, so I decided to Google and see why was available, there was a great competition, and I found out that stars which also happens to be available as an add-on on the subscription.

On Amazon Prime is offering Roku users the possibilities to subscribe directly from the roku channel store for only $8.99 a month, and it also allows you to watch the channel on up to four multiple devices simultaneously on HD quality, now the great thing about stars is that they have a lot of recent content, I mean reasonable, it's relatively recent, you can watch new movies and some old classics, but there's the catch, they do not have that many TV series except the ones that they actually produce, so that's one thing, the other thing is that you do need a DNS in order to watch this channel, because it's only available for US subscribers, but still since its charge to your Roku account, not an issue, because you follow our activation guide and you bought our DNS, chances are you will be able to install it, so there's no problem with that, the thing though is that you don't depend on why you're looking for, to be on for you, we are looking for an attorney.

Amazon Prime is falling short because they do have the most extensive content library, but unfortunately, it requires you to either rent or buy it, and yet selection that it's available on the Amazon Prime, subscription is really low, there's not that much funding, it's pretty much all content as you can see movies and start a relatively new, if you compare them to Netflix, also Amazon, they are on HD quality, and if you have an internet rates about three to four minutes, you'll do pretty good do everything is that, their library is not as extensive as the one in the Netflix, but I think that that's going to change, it's because these guys are actually trying to catch up with Netflix either, even though Netflix has opened its stores too many countries around the world, they're still having that limitation, and which they're regulating the content that you can watch depending on the country you are subscribing, so even though they're only available for the US, they are not as annoying as Netflix, on the fact that they are not pursuing everyone, that is watching your channel true at the end is or VPN, which is good.

Another point that I would like to point out is that you take a look at Stars channel, they do give you a one week free trial, which is a great option, because you can try it and see if you are happy with the content, otherwise, you just cancel it if you're not happy, but after evaluating so many alternatives, because they're there a lot, but they are not funny to find online, if you want something else rather than Netflix, you're pretty much limited to the content, you also have the option from who but who is more emphasized on streaming a recent TV series in the U.S, as you can see, to plate this quick trial of this movie on the Starz Channel, it charges relatively quick when to Netflix, and we're still having a southern mega connection, but content is great, you can have subtitles in English, so if you're from another country that something you will have to learn a new word

But here's another option, so you can follow us on Twitter, we are at Bill import panel at a club on Twitter, we are also on Facebook, at, and we also have four websites, WWWE, where you will find a lot of information very useful, and we also are on Google+, and on YouTube, just look for Bo import Panama, thank you and we hope you enjoyed this review and you guys try it.

Starz App on Android TV

Starz App on Android TV

This introduced on Stars app, it can give you all the episodes as well as the seasons, so just see season CR and you can add it to your playlist, can get quite a lot of content.